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I thought the curriculum was good and valuable.  It taught many manners and social skills that are over looked today.  The program had a nice finish with Certificates and cupcake celebration.  Thank you!

Tammy Fox Troop 41480

The girls enjoyed writing cards tonight and learning how to take care of their nails.  The session engaged the girls and made it fun.

Akron Central Girl Scouts Troop 31752

My daughter Caroline really enjoyed this experience.  She loved preparing to have her picture taken.  Caroline also enjoyed learning certain 'manners' like shaking hands.  I thought the topics were perfect for this age level, especially Internet Safety.  I also loved hearing the guest speaker (Ms. Chelsea) talking about all her travels.  Everything was so well organized and planned out.

Cathy Kanaley

I personally enjoyed the experience that the program gave my daughter.  I have already seen a change in her for the better.  I would recommend this program to any parent looking to give their daughter a chance to build self confidence and self esteem.

Sabrina Turoldo

This program is really awesome!  Taylor enjoyed every class.  Of course her favorite was make-up and she loved being able to bring her cousin into a class and do make-up on her.  And she loved the nail and hair care too!  Just a really cool way to still show girls how to be ladies especially in this crazy world.  Thank you for your kind words and direction for becoming a strong, confident, kind woman of the world! And the photos were breathtaking!

Juan & Joy Santiago

I enjoyed bringing my grandaughters to MCS for the leadership skills being taught.  The girls especially enjoyed the photo shoot.

Bernie Unger

Both of my girls ages 6&11 loved attending Charm School & the Modeling classes.  They especially loved the photo shoot and leaning how to walk.  I appreciated that they learned the proper way to set a table and that they brushed up on table manners.  Learning about Internet safety was really important to me too.  Well worth it!  Great classes and I highly recommend it!

Tiffany Robertson

Very friendly & welcoming, informational.  Would like additional classes.  Great Hours.

Tracy Miley

Overall, Samara truly enjoyed this experience.  She learned new skills and sparked new interests.  Samara said that she most liked the classes in which she learned about beauty, fashion and style.  Make-up and nail care were her favorite topics.  Samara did express that she would have liked to invite her parent to sit in for a class.  We look forward to Fashion Lab in the future.

Jay Printup

Both of my daughters attended this Charm School and loved it.  It is very unique and definitely serves a purpose in everyone's life.  It is definitely worth the investment.  Thank you.

Jennifer & Todd Cameron

I thought this was a great introduction for Julia and reinforced what we're trying to teach at home.  Julia loved making the collage and being able to share what was special about her.

Sara Knodel

The teacher was kind, considerate and professional.  The room was clean and appealing. The lessons could be applied to daily life.  The students were well behaved.  The teacher was very flexible in scheduling.

Barbara Cristiano, grandmother

I was very impressed with the program and feel my girls benefited from Ms. Michelle's example of grace and her knowledge of proper manners.  I even learned a few things I didn't know--just by watching for a few minutes at the end of the class.  The girls enjoyed it and said "It was very fun!".

Cassandra Fish

Troop 30396

Our Junior girl scout troop completed their Social Butterfly Badge.  We had so much fun practicing manners, setting a table and good table manners.  We can't wait to see the girls put that they have learned to use.  Thank you so much!

Tracey Maw, Troop Leader

Troop 30396

Great program!  Very informative.  The girls loved learning how to set the table and make the special napkins.

Judy Vriesen, Troop Leader

Thank you for welcoming us into your school yesterday.  My daughter is really looking forward to attending the KIDS Program now that she's met you and your lovely daughter Christy!
Dawn Schoemann

Wanted to let you know Addison LOVED charm school yesterday and can't wait until next week.  Nice work on a unique program.
Tom McManus

I just wanted to say thank you for the service that you provide to young girls.  Claire has had such a great time at Charm School and I can see that she is starting to feel more confident and more open to people and to new ideas.  She is enjoying the new hair styles that she learned in Hair Care and shopping for clothes and shoes... I couldn't be happier.  Is their a level 2 class?  I hate to see something that she enjoys come to an end.  Just a thought.
Sharon S.

Ms. Michelle teaches skills that are very much needed by today's teenagers. Emphasizing a variety of topics that are relevant for today including Internet Awareness, social skills, haircare, and proper makeup.  All the teachers love what they do at MCS and their enthusiasm is contagious.  ... Do your teen the biggest favor in the world and run don't walk, to Modern Charm schools!

Janie Ziemba

Troop 31165 had a wonderful time last evening! Thank you for helping them learn to 'Respect Themselves and Others'!

Dana Leo Estrada

Troop 30491

This is perfect for a troop activity.  The 90 minutes went by so fast.  Loved the lessons.  

The girls truly enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the manner lessons.  This course was very professional.

Stephanie Trictley & Alisha Lynch, Troop Leaders

This is a great program for young girls.  I attended a local program when I was a teen, and still today draw from many of the timeless lessons I learned.  Ms. Michelle is also addressing the proper use of social media that is essential today for all young adults.  Moms with daughters, check this out!  Kudos to you MCS!

Renee Stiglmeier

As a Girl Scout Leader, I am happy to say this was a great program for my Daisy Scouts.  Ms. Michelle was engaging and kept the program moving.  The girls took home skills that they can use everyday (the golden rule) and special occasions (napkin folding for a holiday). Thanks for having us!
Rose Pannozzo Troop 30860

My granddaughter and grandson really enjoyed learning more about the Golden Rule and how to apply it to their everyday lives.  I feel they will take what they have learned at Modern Charm Schools and use it to make a positive difference in their lives.

Marley Anderson

The program was wonderful.  My children spoke of the Golden Rule almost everyday.  They are holding doors open for others and really learned a lot.  I wish the program was longer!  I'm confident my children will carry their good habits throughout their lives!

Andrea Kurnik

My (3) children enjoyed learning how to set a table correctly.  I appreciate the reiteration of manners, positive behavior and that what they used to get away with, is no longer cute or appropriate behavior.

The Daniel Family

Modern Charm Schools is an excellent program.  Chloe liked learning how to do makeup and would show me what she learned as soon as she got home.

The Jowdy's

We thought the program was good for self confidence.  Lexi liked the hair care lesson because she might go for cosmetology when she is older.  I liked the thank you cards Lexi brought home, she used one right away when she wrote her best friend a very thoughtful message.

Coryn Schrock

My daughter enjoyed the entire experience at Modern Charm Schools.  A friend of mine commented that her kids could use some 'charm'.  And that's exactly what MCS taught my daughter.

Lisa & Nicole Kaminski

Very informative and well organized.  Teacher was very professional.  Children felt at ease and looked forward to the next session. Very clean and neat atmosphere.

Barbara Cristiano

The kids loved the class. After the first week they really tried to do chores without being asked which made us as parents very happy.  Morgan and Trevor picked up their shoes, started their homework, did dishwasher duty, carried things upstairs and did his sister a courteous thing, all before being asked. They learned restaurant manners which was one of the kids' favorite lessons.  This was a great reminder program of all manners and coming from someone other than parents seemed to encourage them to do the chores and this makes us proud.

The Ehrle Family

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