Summer school 2018

All pictures shown are of our students


Join us Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
10am-12pm & 12:30pm-2pm
 Modern Charm Schools’ KIDS Day 

For boys & girls ages 6-14 years

Lessons for all students ages 6-14 include

  • The Golden Rule as a 3-step process
  • Basic Introductions & handshakes
  • Art of conversation and small talk
  • Restaurant Manners and table setting

Lessons for older students ages 10-14 years continue with

  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Internet Awareness-how to remain safe on the Internet


10:00am Class starts promptly for all ages.  Arrive 10 minutes early.

11:45am Parents arrive to witness younger children graduate with Certificate of Completion.

12:00pm Children ages 6-9 are dismissed.

12:15pm Class continues for ages 10-14 years.

 1:45pm  Parents arrive to witness older children graduate with Certificate of Completion.

 2:00pm  Children ages 10-14 are dismissed.

*Classes held at Aloft Buffalo Airport Hotel, 4219 Genesee St, Cheektowaga, NY

Younger students are required from 10am-12pm only, $40/student

Older students are required from 10am-2pm, full day, $55/student

Wear comfortable clothes, please no jeans or cut off shorts

Students must be pre-enrolled by August 11, 2018

Call  us to get started 716-498-8888

Start by visiting our Online Inquiry page.