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Beginner Modeling Sessions

include basic runway and preparing for a professional photo session. This is a 3 lesson program and includes a professional photo session.

For everyone ages 7-21 years of age.

Model Fashion


All of the pictures shown are of our students



The Beginner Modeling Program is for males & females ages 6 and up. In a total of 3 visits, we cover runway, introduction to photographic modeling and a professional photo session.  Each student will receive a CD of his/her digital photos. If you have an interest in modeling this is a great way to start!


​​The Teen Program is for girls ages 12-17.
In a total of 7 visits, the program builds character and teaches life skills appropriate for young adults. We teach Internet awareness and cell phone etiquette, skincare, make up and personal development. Spend time developing oral speaking skills, the art of conversation and handling compliments with poise & grace. 
Each student will receive her own Modern Diary used for taking notes, a full make-up and a skin care kit, a CD of her pictures from the professional photo session and a Certificate of Completion. In fact, all of the pictures on our website are of our graduates!

The lessons incorporate these important themes:

​​Character Building

  • Internet Awareness

  • Skincare & Makeup, Hair & Nail Care

  • Wardrobe & Accessories

  • Oral Presentation

  • The Art of Conversation

  • Restaurant Etiquette

  • ​Glamour Photo Session, CD of the pictures

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The KIDS program is for boys & girls together ages 7-11 years.

In a total of 2 visits, the program teaches social skills for children though games and fun tasks!

The lessons incorporate these important themes:

  • ​The Golden Rule
  • Introductions & Handshaking
  • Consideration, Respect and Kindness
  • ​Restaurant Manners