Modern Charm Schools
10225 Main Street, Suite 14
Clarence, NY 14031

Modern Charm Schools

Grand Opening Summer Party

Watch our video show appearing on WBBZ TV!
Read about us in the Buffalo News Regional News section in Sunday's paper.  August 9, 2015!

We will be hosting visitors Monday-Thursday evenings from 6-8pm and Saturdays from 10am-2pm.  Call for an appointment.

The TEEN GIRL Program
For parents who want their children to practice the golden rule and to be known for their good manners, Modern Charm Schools provides well rounded curriculum designed to encourage our students to become good citizens in their homes, in their schools and in their communities.

Unlike other initiatives, Modern Charm Schools has a specific program for teen girls ages 12-16.  This program offers lessons in personal development.  We teach social etiquette, public speaking, wardrobe building, proper skin care and make-up regimes, all designed to develop one’s self esteem.  We believe that teenagers who know what is proper will act properly, and more confidently.

The 'Modern' in Modern Charm Schools means the students will learn lessons appropriate for today's world.  Our flagship lesson includes Internet Awareness and Cell Phone Etiquette. The lecturer has 17 years of experience in network security and explains how teens can avoid the pitfalls of the Internet while still enjoy using today's technology in smart phones and on social  media sites.  Teens are America's fastest growing population of Internet users and too frequently are the victims of Internet abuse. This is why Modern Charm Schools helps to make young adults more aware and safer on the Internet!  We shows students how to enjoy the Internet properly.  A glamour photo session gives the teens a digital image appropriate for posting on social sites!

The KIDS Program
The KIDS Program is for boys & girls, 7-11 years of age.  Over 2 visits we cover topics like  The Golden Rule as a 3 step process, good citizenship, good sportsmanship, restaurant manners and a number of other character building skills.  The goal is to help kids learn responsible ways to interact with each other and with adults, in their communities and in their schools.  The kids participate fully in active and fun filled exercises.  No sitting around in the KIDS classes. 

We even have a Family Challenge.  It's homework, but not for the students, for the parents and siblings.  It encourages all members of the family to participate in an easy and creative project.  

Modern Charm Schools
10225 Main Street, Suite 14, Clarence, NY  14031

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If you would like to set an appointment for a visit, just give us a call.

Glamour photo session for Teen classes only.

For more information call 716.498.8888